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In 2017 Tyler decided to take his family’s 180 years of white whiskey heritage from the back woods to the top shelf. With the birth of his daughter Addison, Tyler decided his time and wisdom would be better spent building his legacy in the world of craft whiskey. And rest as you know is history.

From the backwoods
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From the Backwoods to the Top Shelf

Tyler Wood from Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners and Country Music star launches White Whiskey Distillery

LEWISBURG, KY. – Tyler Wood is expanding his horizons beyond album sales and TV ratings. The country music singer-songwriter and cast member of Discovery’s Reality TV show “Moonshiners” is getting into the whiskey business.

Coming from a long line of Kentucky moonshiners and bootleggers, Wood is taking his family’s nearly 200 years of white whiskey heritage and building a state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot craft distillery in his native Lewisburg, Kentucky. The new product – “Tyler Wood White Whiskey” – is expected to launch 2019.

“I cut my teeth on the farm in Kentucky with my dad hunting, fishing and learning the art of making white whiskey,” said Wood. “Today, I’m working hard and applying my family’s recipe and traditions to finally move the aura of moonshine out of the backwoods and onto the top shelf.”

Wood carried on his family’s moonshine legacy distilling white whiskey and bootlegging it from south Florida to as far north as Nova Scotia, Canada. The whiskey quickly gained notoriety throughout the southern United States and beyond, and subsequently landed Wood a spotlight on the Discovery Channel’s hit reality TV show “Moonshiners.”

Shortly after introducing his family heritage to the show’s millions of viewers, Wood further made a name for himself as a song writer and country music recording artist in Nashville, Tennessee. He recorded his first album “Outlaw Soul” in 2014, which includes the hit song “Still Ridin’ Shotgun” (19+ million views on YouTube). He recorded his second album “Road to Redemption” in 2016 and then the third album “Who I am” was launched in 2018.

Today, Wood is looking to bring his top shelf white whiskey product line to market for several reasons.

“To establish the family legacy and make the mark, for all the men and women that worked hard to put out what my family stands for. The blood, sweat, and tears of the Wood Family legacy will live on in every bottle we sell and every song I make. This is a quality statement and a stand for what we really are and we are really about.”

Using all natural ingredients at a higher proof than most, “Tyler Wood White Whiskey” will offer a unique experience into what Wood believes white whiskey really is – a great, smooth, powerful product to be enjoyed in moderation. Not overly stripped down through distillation, but keeping the notes and flavors of its real organic and pure ingredients without added artificial flavoring. By making it the old way, Wood is putting his commitment to the pure and honest craft product by placing the hard working honey bee as the central symbol on every bottle that will leave the distillery in Kentucky.

“I think it’s time that people had the opportunity to enjoy the real white whiskey from generations past,” said Wood. “I’m confident that our product will take the world of white whiskey by storm and deliver an authentic, pure and honest product to the top shelves of every store in the United States and around the world.”

About Tyler Wood White Whiskey

Born and raised in the heart of bourbon country, "Tyler Wood White Whiskey" is unmistakably bold, naturally complex, and purely authentic. Made the Old Way through 5th Generation Family recipe it’s Quality stands alone. All Natural ingredients and classic production method make "Tyler Wood White Whiskey" an Authentic craft product that will stand the test of time. To learn more about the Wood family tradition born from adversity visit www.whitewhiskey.com.

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Our White Whiskey Distillery is a state of the art new 10,000 sq ft Craft Distillery located in Lewisburg, Kentucky. We are currently seeking the right Distributors to bring our top shelf White Whiskey product line to market. All inquiries are welcome.

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